Monday, May 3, 2010

Ilot Tenia.

 Ilot Tenis ia a little island about an hour and 20 minutes drive and 1/2 hrs boat ride north of Noumea. You drive to a little boat ramp in Bourake and you catch a boat to this uninhabited ilot. You can camp or go for a day trip. This time we chose camp which we have done one other time a few years ago when we first arrived in New Caledonia.
This time we were also lucky enough to get the use of a little ramshackled hut which has some makeshift furniture and offers a bit of relief from the sun. We spent our evening sitting around the table with our friends nattering, drinking and eating fine camping food.
My husband and I love this kind of stuff but I think the kids love it more. They love the freedom of roaming around the bush and the length of the beach discovering all sorts of weird and wonderful things. They love swimming all day and digging giant holes. I love seeing in the kids the exhaustion that comes from spending a whole day on the beach........there is something about the tiredness that comes from the sun, sand and sea.

When we do things like this it confirms why we are spending some time living in this wonderful country. It is truly a beautiful place.